Monday, December 29, 2014

"Ruffled Lace" earrings

It is winter and it is snowing so beautifully outside and I felt inspired to make a snowy pearly version of "Ruffled Lace" design. 

"Ruffled Lace"

Tutorial available here:

Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Bead Dance" bracelet

"Bead Dance" bracelet
Tutorial available here:

"SuperRulla" bracelet

"SuperRulla" bracelet
Tutorial available here:

Shiny Tassels

"Shiny Tassels" Earrings
Tutorial available here:

Seed Beads Duet

"Seed Beads Duet" Bracelet
Tutorial available here:

Yellow sunny earrings

These earrings were a gift for my sister in law

Pendants with traditional Romanian motifs

Pendants with traditional embroidered motifs

Some of my oldest bead embroidery earrings


Bead embroidery rings

Red bead crochet bracelet

Winged - bead embroidery necklace

Necklace "Winged"/ "Înaripată"

Friday, November 28, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On The Wave

On The Wave - beadwoven bracelet tutorial. In this design I used Czech two-hole CzechMates tile, SuperDuo and Rulla beads, also I used the new Czech Matubo seed beads and seed bead size 11/0.

Tutorial available here:

Infinitum - beadwoven earrings

Infinitum- beadwoven earrings tutorial. In this design I used Czech two-hole CzechMates tile, SuperDuo and Rulla bead and seed beads size 11/0.

Tutorial is available here:

Ethnic Way - bead crochet

Ethnic Way - bead crochet necklace pattern.

Pattern available here:

Ruffled Lace Earrings

Ruffled Lace - beadwoven earrings with 15/0 and 11/0 seed beads and a central round bead.

Tutorial available in my etsy shop:

Monday, September 8, 2014

Geometry with Rulla beads

Geometry - beawoven earrings designed with Czech Rulla, Dagger beads and seed beads 11/0.

Tutorial available here:

Path in Spring - bead crochet necklace pattern

Path in Spring - a path formed of different shades of green and blue arrows shows us the road to reaching the kingdom of spring. This is a necklace of the new beginnings in life, very fresh, cheerful and light. 


Simplicity - beadwoven earrings with Rulla beads

Simplicity - beadwoven earrings designed with Czech Rulla and Dagger glass beads.

Tutorial available here:

Rockstar - beadwoven bracelet with Spike and SuperDuo beads

Rockstar - beadwoven bracelet designed with Czech Spike and SuperDuo beads.

Tutorial available in my etsy shop:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spiky Ring - ring tutorial

Spiky Ring - beadwoven ring tutorial with Czech Spike beads, O-beads and seed beads 11/0.

Tutorial available in my etsy shop:

My favorite bangle - bracelet tutorial

My favorite bangle - beadwoven bracelet tutorial. Make it either with Czech Superduo or Twin beads.

Tutorial available here:

Chandelier - beadwoven earrings tutorial

Chandelier - beadwoven earrings tutorial using Czech Superduo and Rizo beads.

Tutorial available here:

Carmen - beadwoven bracelet with Rulla and Superduo beads

Carmen - beadwoven bracelet tutorial. In this design I used Czech two-hole Superduo and Rulla beads and seed beads size 11/0.

Tutorial avaliable here:

Pearly Lace - beadwoven earrings tutorial

Pearly Lace - beadwoven earrings made with tiny seed beads (Czech 13/0 or Japanese 15/0).

Tutorial is available in my etsy shop:

Evening Chic - bead embroidery collar

Evening Chic - my own design, bead embroidered necklace made with natural stones (ametyst, rose quartz, jasper), Swarovski cristals, czech cristals, japanese and czech seed beads, metallic findings. 

This necklace is for sale in my etsy shop:

Mediterranean Breeze

Mediterranean Breeze - this bead crochet bracelet uses a beautiful combination of colors and symbols for a very Mediterranean and luxurious look.

Pattern in my etsy shop:

Safari - bead crochet pattern

The bead crochet necklace pattern "Safari" uses a beautiful and harmonious combination of colors and symbols for a chic safari trendy look. This look is a classical one, a menswear-inspired trend with a breezy vibe in earthy tones with animal prints.

Pattern available in my etsy shop:

Peacock Tail - beadwoven earrings tutorial

Peacock Tail - beautiful beadwoven earrings made of seed beads in different shades of purple and green. 
Tutorial available in my etsy shop:

Winter Lace - bead crochet pattern

Winter Lace - bead crochet necklace made with seed beads 11/0 with 19 stitches in the round.


Flora ring tutorial

Flora - a little flower beadwoven ring tutorial made with Solo beads and seed beads 11/0.

Tutorial available here:

Dragon Crest - beadwoven bracelet tutorial

Dragon Crest - beadwoven bracelet. For this design I used Czech Solo beads, Japaneese square beads and seed beads 11/0.

Tutorial available in my etsy shop: